About Us

Who we are and what we do

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association is dedicated to maintaining, promoting and improving the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail for the benefit of the public.

The WVRTA is a 501-(C1,C3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that is membership based and volunteer supported. Our operating budget comes from annual supporting memberships, grants and business sponsorships. While most of our members and volunteers are from Gardiner and New Paltz we are looking for active new members and volunteers throughout the region who share our goals.

WVRTA has been the steward of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail since its acquisition by by the Wallkill Valley Land Trust (WVLT) in 1991. At that time the trail was only 12 miles long, and located in the Town’s of New Paltz and Gardiner. With the renovation of the Rosendale Trestle by the WVLT in 2013, the trail has expanded to become 22 miles from Gardiner to the Kingston City line. We are working to extend the tail south to the Town of Wallkill and to Orange County. In the City of Kingston we are already linked by shared roads to the Stockade District and soon to the Kingston Greenline Rail Trail and to the Ontario & Western Rail Trail. To the east we are working to link to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, to the Walkway Over the Hudson and to the growing trail network in Dutchess County.

The WVRTA offers valuable marketing opportunities to organizations and businesses located within the communities along the trail corridor and beyond. Learn more about the marketing sponsorship opportunities available.

Our Board

  • Michael Reade, President
  • Rosemary Saldan-Pawson, Secretary
  • Jefferson Akins, Board Member
  • Brian Cafferty, Board Member
  • Bill Hueston, Board Member
  • Carol Lefever, Board Member
  • Tom Nyquist, Board Member
  • Leon Steiner, Board Member
  • Shane Stuart, Board Member

Some of our Community Goals

  • Engage the public to become regular trail users and trail stewards.
  • Be a catalyst for enhancing sustainable economic development that preserves open spaces for the public.
  • Encourage community members to use the trail for health and as a sustainable mode of transportation.
  • Aid local municipalities and regional areas with conservation and transportation planning.
  • Help foster economic benefits to local businesses and farms along the trail.

Current Projects

To promote and manage the expanded trail and its opportunities, the WVRTA has undertaken a number of new projects including:

  • New website with an interactive map and updated content about local events and businesses (to launch in mid-2015).
  • New signage project at all 25 road crossings with the new map and QR codes to access our website directly with your hand held device.
  • A fundraising campaign, “Bridges to Everywhere” to market the rail trail and its connections to nature, community and history.

Recently completed projects

  • New mile markers for all 22 miles of trail, every half mile starting at the southern end of trail in Gardiner.
  • New Trail Map & Information brochure covering all 22 miles of the trail and found at locations along the trail and in supporting businesses.
  • Recently completed drainage work and new connector trail to Main Street Rosendale at the souther end of the Trestle.
  • Grading and drainage work just north of the River Road ext bridge in Rosendale.
  • Grading and trail surface improvements at both ends of the Wallkill Bridge at Springtown Road.

If you are not already a member, we invite you and your neighbors to become members, volunteer with our organization and or become a trail steward.

The Trail Steward program is administered by Bill Hueston.
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